Avery George Richard


Avery George Richard Jason George Richard George Richard Dianne Richard Jenifer Lynne Richard Daniel Paul Bibeau Pamela Jean Davis


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Jason George Richard 03/27/1974  Jenifer Lynne Richard 04/15/1974

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 03/09/2005 Bangor, ME






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Paige Lynne RichardSister03/26/2008Bangor, ME
Jenifer Lynne RichardMother04/15/1974Farmington, ME
Jason George RichardFather03/27/1974
Pamela Jean DavisGrandmother07/11/1957Lewiston, ME
Daniel Paul BibeauGrandfather12/18/1955
Dianne RichardGrandmother06/12/1937
George RichardGrandfather
Great grandparents
Janet Ellen RandallGreat grandmother05/15/1938
Kenneth Roy DavisGreat grandfather11/01/1937
Nancy GayGreat grandmother1931
Paul BibeauGreat grandfather06/14/1929
Second great grandparents
Irene RandallSecond great grandmother19171982
Wesley Merritt RandallSecond great grandfather19151992Livermore Falls, ME
Helen HardySecond great grandmother1909Weld, ME1984
William GaySecond great grandfather19071975
Lillian DavisSecond great grandmother19061976
Adrienne SoucySecond great grandmother1903
Albert BibeauSecond great grandfather1900Pejepscot1971
Third great grandparents
Mary Helen ChaseThird great grandmother18841972
William Merritt RandallThird great grandfather18821963
Ernest DavisThird great grandfather18731949
Rose Ann GalithierThird great grandmother18721938
Philippe BibeauThird great grandfather18621934
Arthur HardyThird great grandfather
Emma ChalouxThird great grandmother
Flora HornThird great grandmother
Mary PrattThird great grandmother
WilliamThird great grandfather
Uncles & Aunts
Bryan Christopher BibeauUncle03/29/1977Farmington, ME, USA
Toby Scott BibeauUncle10/13/1975
Daniel BibeauAunt
Emily CaronAunt
Great uncles & Great aunts
Joline Rae MorganGreat aunt04/04/1964Farmington, ME
Kathy Lynn HowattGreat aunt09/29/1960
Debbie Ann PulkinenGreat aunt08/28/1959
Larry BibeauGreat uncle
Randy BibeauGreat uncle
Richard BibeauGreat uncle
Sandra Lynn MorrisGreat aunt
Great great (uncles & aunts)
Charlene DavisGreat great aunt
Kenton GayGreat great uncle
Melvin GayGreat great uncle
Raymond BibeauGreat great uncle
Rene BibeauGreat great uncle
Thomas RandallGreat great uncle
William RandallGreat great uncle
3xGreat (uncles & aunts)
Alfred Davis3xGreat uncle
Alice Hardy3xGreat aunt
Alma Bibeau3xGreat aunt
Alton Hardy3xGreat uncle
Bertha Bibeau3xGreat aunt
Charles Bibeau3xGreat uncle
Cora Hardy3xGreat aunt
Dot Hunt3xGreat aunt
Ellen Jewett3xGreat aunt
Emma Bibeau3xGreat aunt
Flora Crosson3xGreat aunt
Florence Hardy3xGreat aunt
Gerald Hardy3xGreat uncle
Harold Hardy3xGreat uncle
Mary Louise Bibeau3xGreat aunt
Mildred3xGreat aunt
Philip Bibeau3xGreat uncle
Ronald Hardy3xGreat uncle
Stanley Hardy3xGreat uncle
Verda Hardy3xGreat aunt
Wilfred Gay3xGreat uncle
1st cousins once removed up
Matthew David Waterman1st cousin once removed up (m)06/20/1988
Libbie Megan Shah1st cousin once removed up (f)09/20/1982
Ashley Elaine Mcbrady1st cousin once removed up (f)09/07/1981
Beth Bibeau1st cousin once removed up (f)
Jamie Morris1st cousin once removed up (m)
Jessica Bibeau1st cousin once removed up (f)
Kevin Bibeau1st cousin once removed up (m)
Krystal Bibeau1st cousin once removed up (f)
Ryan Bibeau1st cousin once removed up (m)
1st cousins twice removed up
Lisa1st cousin twice removed up (f)
William Randall1st cousin twice removed up (m)

World History

Date Historic Event Category
Aug 5, 1930 - Today (-74.6) Life of Neil Armstrong Personalities
Feb 6, 1952 - Today (-53.1) Queen of the United Kingdom: Elizabeth II Great Britain
Feb 24, 1955 - Today (-50.1) Life of Steven 'Steve' Paul Jobs Personalities
Oct 27, 1998 - Nov 22, 2005 (-6.4) - 0.7 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany: Gerhard Schröder Germany - Chancellors
Jan 20, 2001 - Jan 20, 2009 (-4.1) - 3.9 President of the United States of America: George W. Bush USA - Presidents
Oct 7, 2001 - Today (-3.4) Afghanistan War Wars & Military Conflicts
Mar 20, 2003 - Today (-2.0) Third Gulf War ('Iraq War') Wars & Military Conflicts
Jun 6, 2005 0.2 Apple switches to Intel CPU architecture Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Nov 22, 2005 - Today 0.7 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany: Angela Merkel Germany - Chancellors
Jan 9, 2007 1.8 Introduction of the Apple iPhone Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Jan 20, 2009 - Today 3.9 President of the United States of America: Barack Obama USA - Presidents
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