Monthly Archives: February 2006

Alaska Bound!!!

Check out these pictures of my cool new (1982) VW Vanagon diesel camper! I got it from my friend Raphael, in trade for my 1/2 of the sailboat and my Nissan truck. It will serve me much better than either of those vehicles for my long trip `cross country.

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Brewing Beer

Saturday I decided it seemed like the right time of year to be brewing beer. There is a relatively new supplier in town called Hoggetowne Ale Works, and so I went by and purchased the ingredients for a Weissebier (Wheat Beer). Sunday I brewed it up on my turkey freyer and got it into the carboy. I decided for this batch to do a single fermentation in the glass carboy to get the beer finished sooner. It will have more sediment on the bottom, but that is traditional anyway. Hopefully in 3-4 weeks, there will be 48 bottles of beer on the wall! Everyone is welcome to come and sample.

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