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Hoggetowne Medieval Faire

Yesterday I visited the 20th Annual Hoggetowne Medieval Faire at the Gainesville Fairgrounds with Raphael, Stephanie, and Noah Sioux. We showed up an hour before closing, and so enjoyed free admission and a free meal with all the exhibitors. I think it was more fun than if we had gone earlier in the day with all the crowds.

Linked to this very kool school bus I found at the faire is a slideshow. The owner of the bus has lived in it for 20 years, and has travelled all over the U.S. and South America.

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Noah Sioux

Little Noah Sioux is now 7 months old! He’s starting to become quite mobile at this age, and likes to get into whatever he can. He’s almost bearable to babysit now too!

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For the Richard Family!

I made a cool slideshow page for all the pictures I took in Jax. You can access it by clicking on the picture below:

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More Pictures!

Well, 3 posts in a day must be a record for me. I found another picture I had taken a few nights ago, and wanted to share it.

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New Motorcycle

Keith finally broke down today and agreed to sell me his 1985 Yamaha Maxim 700 that I’ve wanted for years (it’s his wife’s birthday, and he needed cash!). So, now I have some cheap transportation for around town, and something fun for the weekends. I’m not sure where Oscar and Anna will ride yet.

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Frozen in Florida

Don’t think just because I’m in Florida it can’t feel like Maine! It was 26 degF this morning, and we had a heavy frost overnight. The pups were prancing about with their usual cold weather spunk. I’ve been staying warm with electric heat since my return from Maine. I’ve given up on using unvented propane heaters inside. The amount of water vapor is too much to deal with, especially in Florida where it can lead to mold. I think I’ll switch to the vented diesel heater that I wanted in the first place.

I took this picture this morning with one of the advanced settings on my new camera. The old olympus would never have focused on something so close to the lens. I’m still very pleased with this camera, both in its physical construction and quality of photos.

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Sunshine Power!

Today I spent most of the day revamping the solar power system in my bus. This morning I disconnected the batteries, and pulled most of the equipment out. My plan is to move all the equipment to the center of the bus. This will shorten the wire run from the panels to the batteries, and place the equipment in an area that is under-utilized, freeing up space in the front of the bus. I started out with a box I salvaged from work when our fire system was updated.

I cut holes in the box for fuses, circuit breakers, charge controllers, switches, and data logger. Then I sanded the red finish and repainted with a cream color. I’ve run out of day to finish, but it should be in early this week. I have to run off the electric grid until I get it finished, so that’s my inspiration. Here’s a view of the new box:

The new panel has 2 Prostar 30M PWM charge controllers with load control, a TriMetric 2020 battery/system monitor, 6 Condura rocker type switches to control fans, lights, etc., and 4 25A circuit breakers for solar and load protection. The shunt for the TriMetric will mount down near the batteries, along with a 125A fuse and the 1500 Xantrex XPower inverter. At some point I’ll get a Samlex True sine wave inverter to run more sensitive equipment like battery chargers.

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What the bird is going on!

I’m sitting in the Raleigh-Durham airport, waiting on my flight to Atlanta, and a little birdy flies up to me. Can anyone identify this LGB (little grey bird)?

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Blue Bird RV

This picture is stolen from my mom’s website. It was taken while I was home for Christmas, and I think she rendered it using Adobe Photoshop. Anyway, it looks cool, and I didn’t have any other pictures to post here.

Thursday I’ll be attending a workshop in Gainesville on biofuels. After my experience in Maine with freezing diesel fuel, I’m now considering making biodiesel instead of using straight waste vegetable oil. I have this worry of my fuel not getting through the filters. If I can find a little cargo trailer, I could mount all the equipment in it, and use it as a portable shed. Stay tuned!

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