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Homemade boring bar holder

I finished a new boring bar holder today. I was getting ready to finish a hole on a part I’m making and realized I had no holders for round tools. Necessity really is the mother of invention!


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Autumn in Fort Collins!

It is finally fall here! Blue skies and changing leaves one day, snow the next…




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Today I got my new VFD mounted and wired, and started milling with my Enco for the first time! I bought it almost a year ago and have slowly been adding tooling. I will be moving it to my house once I get a shop space set up in the garage.


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Manhattan, CO ghost town

Erin and I went for a hike with the dogs on Sunday in search of a ghost town near Rustic. We couldn’t find any remnants, but we did have a great walk through the woods in the first snow of the season.



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New fun with an old radio!

Erin’s grandpa sent me this setup. It’s my first Ham radio! I should have my license in a few weeks and will be able to legally use it.


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A Timeline of our Bus Adventure

09-24-2011 (SAT): Leave Maine around 8:45pm.
09-25-2011 (SUN): Drive I-90. Pass through Chicago around midnight
09-26-2011 (MON): Camp in Black Hills of South Dakota
09-27-2011 (TUE): Camp outside Crazy Horse, SD
09-28-2011 (WED): Camp at rest area along I-90 in Bozeman, MT
09-29-2011 (THU): Camp near Burke, ID
09-30-2011 (FRI): Camp along Fish Creek, south of Missoula
10-01-2011 (SAT): Camp near Elk City, ID and the Gold Point Mill
10-02-2011 (SUN): Camp near Elk City, ID and the Red River Hot Springs
10-03-2011 (MON): Camp on Cascade Lake, ID
10-04-2011 (TUE): Camp at Tetons National Park
10-05-2011 (WED): Stay at Bibeau’s house in Fort Collins, CO
10-06-2011 (THU): Stay at Bibeau’s house in Fort Collins, CO
10-07-2011 (FRI): Camp along Chicago Creek south of Idaho Springs, CO
10-08-2011 (SAT): Stay with friends in Kansas City, MO

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Placer Mining!

Well, just in case you thought I might not have enough hobbies, I’ve now added placer mining to my list! I bought a Keene Engineering sluice box yesterday in Idaho Springs, CO. We (Paul, Quint, Chris and I) took it up to Chicago Creek and spent an hour or so testing it out, after our introduction to panning at the Argo Mine tour.
Keene Engineering Sluice
We panned until our hands got numb. By the time we went to bed that night, it was down to 20F.
Panning for gold in Chicago Creek

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Well, after a bit of fuss the site is back online. Somebody was able to gain access to my ftp site and change all my wordpress .php files to junk. I found duplicate files tonight on my computer and replaced the bad ones.
We are camped tonight in a real state park campground, complete with electrical hookups! We are taking advantage and topping off all the bus batteries. Tomorrow we depart early for the Tetons.

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