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North Wayne Dam

I snapped this photo on our way to the airport last week. This is the North Wayne Dam, which creates Lovejoy Pond in Fayette and Wayne. The spray from the water was freezing to the trees (8 below zero!)

I shot this photo in raw on my new Pentax DSLR camera, then processed it using Bibble Labs software.

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Our Trip to Maine

We had a successful trip to Maine this past weekend. Erin met most of my family, and we booked The Bethel Inn for our wedding on September 27th, 2008.
Maine Trip — January 2008


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A view from Work

I got a great deal on an older model dSLR (Digital SLR) camera yesterday. It is a Pentax *ist DL. The great thing about it is that I can use Erin’s old lenses from her film camera, saving tons of money. I’ve been playing around at work today with it, taking some test photos. Most of these are from the roof of my office building, in the sketchy part of Oakland.

Looking South from 9925 International Blvd

Looking North

Looking East

Our Air Monitoring Instruments

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I got my FJ stuck

Here’s the new FJ Cruiser that Erin bought me for Christmas. I was driving along the drainage ditch out front and veered to close to the edge. Fortunately for me, I was able to get unstuck without getting my feet dirty!

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