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Plane passing the Moon

Plane passing the moon
Taken with a shutter speed of 4 sec, f/8, 800 ISO, 105mm focal length, Pentax *ist DL

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Family Tree

I’m creating an online family tree with some new software I recently purchased. Nothing like an extra project! See the results at:
“>tree graphic, copyright
If you have any information that isn’t posted here, including birth/death dates, locations, etc please email it to me at and I’ll add it to the site.

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Irvine and Disneyland

Erin’s company flew us down to Orange county this weekend for their annual holiday party. We left Friday afternoon and enjoyed a nice evening at the Orange Hill Restaurant. Saturday morning we drove up to Anaheim for some good clean Disneyland fun. Wildfires in the area made breathing slightly hard, but it also made for short lines. We didn’t have to wait more than 15 minutes for any ride.
Bryan and Erin at Disneyland
We didn’t fly back to the East Bay until 7pm, so we decided to drive down to the beach for a few hours later in the afternoon. We drove down to Newport Beach and had burgers on the pier at the famous Ruby’s burger. We caught the sunset before heading to the airport for our flight home.
Sunset at Newport Beach, CA

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Wedding pictures are in!

Our pictures are in, but I’ll wait for permission from Erin before I post them online. Here’s a little sample:
Bryan Bibeau in Skunk hat at Bethel, ME

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A trip to Yosemite

Erin and I drove the Westy up to Yosemite this weekend for a early winter camping trip. Friday was a beautiful day and the weather was great. We brought the heater and had to use it to keep toasty through the night. Saturday afternoon it started raining and it continued throughout the night. There were a lot of people camping in tents that were really wet Sunday morning! We had one small drip in the skylight that was cured temporarily with old fashioned duct tape.
a view in Yosemite

Deer grazing in Yosemite National Park

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Golf Cart Rally

Somewhere deep in the Maine woods……

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It’s Greased Lightening!

Erin and Bryan Bibeau Grease

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