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6m yagi part 2

Tonight I mocked up the new antenna. I am using some leftover parts for the tripod/mast. I turned a simple bushing to mount the mast to the tripod. The antenna is about 16′ high on this mast. The driven element is not finished yet. I picked up some 1″ ABS round on Friday, and will make the 1/4-20 mounts with that plastic to isolate it from the boom.




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6m portable yagi tripod

I have the upper 2 sections of a telescoping mast left over from another project, and a new surplus Bogen tripod. To fit the mast sections to my tripod, and had to turn a bushing adapter. Tonight I finished that part and tested the fit.



I will guy this setup when there is an antenna mounted. I’m hoping it will be sturdy enough to support my 10′ 6 meter yagi and my Arrow 4 element yagi at the same time.

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6 meter portable Yagi 4 Element Part 1

Getting ready for field day 2013, I decided to build my own 6m 4 element Yagi antenna. My goal is to have something that’s portable, with a bit of directional gain. If it turns out light enough, it could be useful for some of the easier SOTA activations and maybe the Colorado 14er event.

I am modeling this antenna after the Buddipole antenna system. I would have just purchased those parts, but they do add up fast, and I have my own machine shop!

Counter-sink tool


My Jet BD1331 lathe

Partially finished parts


3/4″ end mill


With Buddipole featherweight whips installed and extended


Close-up of whips installed in rotating collars. 1/4″-20 threads


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Colorado 14er Event 2013

Colorado 14er Event Flyer 2013

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