ARRL Field Day 2022

For Field Day this year, Tony KZ5ADV, Logan KF0ADY and myself N0BCB headed up to the Routt National Forest outside Gould, CO to operate in a quiet HF environment. What a great location! We had our share of mosquitos and rain, but the weather was really great during the contest, which runs from noon Saturday to noon Sunday MDT.

We ran one of the 100W stations (Yaesu FT450) with a 100A/h Battleborn LiFePO4 batteries connected to 250W of solar (roof of Gladiator). The other station (Yaesu FTDX10) from a 100A/h Renogy LiFePO4 battery and 400W of solar. The FT450 station utilized a G5RV Jr and a 40m double bazooka. The FTDX10 station used a Chameleon CHA MPAS system.

My camper, and our FD station under the Jeep awning
Tony’s 4 Wheel Camper setup and his station (under awning)
The team from (your) left to right: Bryan N0BCB, Tony KZ5ADV and Logan KF0ADY
Aerial view of our camp
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