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We had the most fabulous wedding weekend! Thanks to everyone who traveled with us to the Bethel Inn for a weekend full of fun. We have many great memories that will be with us forever. Many people are continuing to share their weekend photographs with us at our photobucket website. Use “darling” (without quotes) as the password to view photos or to upload your own. I will try to have all uploads approved quickly. We’ll also be posting the professional photos once we receive them. I’ll add an updated link when available.
Erin Darling Bryan Bibeau Wedding Dance Bethel Inn Maine ME

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A Bachelor Party!

Thanks to Jason, Raphael, Paul, Chris, and Arnie for a great unexpected bachelor party! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be taking the Blue Bird of Happiness to Portland for that celebration. But it was fun and it was a surprise. Raphael somehow got a license plate for the bus and sent it to Paul. He flew to Maine on an early flight before the wedding and helped get things set up. I though Jason and I were just going out for a beer in Lewiston. After about an hour of drinking beers at the Blue Goose Bar, up drives the Blue Bird full of partiers. That’s the first time I’ve been out until 4am in a long, long time 🙂
Bryan Bibeau Bachelor Party School Bus Paul Raphael Jason Arnie Chris

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Making our wedding programs

Erin and I have been hard at work these last few months, trying to do as much ourselves at possible. It’s been a fun challenge learning how to use all the software on my computer to come up with creative products. My mom helped out immensely be sketching and painting a variety of maple and oak leaves in fall colors, which I’ve been adding to almost all our projects. So far we’ve made our own candles, CDs, ceremony programs and table cards. Here’s Erin hard at work adding the binding to our ceremony programs:
Erin Darling -- Making our wedding programs

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Rock Climbing in SLO

Click on the photo for a larger view:

Rock Climbing -- San Luis Obispo, CA

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Bubble Gum Alley — San Luis Obispo, CA

This is a famous alley in San Luis Obispo called Bubble Gum Alley. It’s actually really disgusting. People stick their chewing gum on the walls. Some places have inches of stuck gum, and people get very creative with writing and drawing in chewed gum. I took this picture with my cell phone so it’s not the highest quality. Click on the photo for a larger view.
Bubble Gum Alley -- San Luis Obispo, CA

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