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Lake Chabot

Today Erin and I bicycled 12 miles on the trail around Lake Chabot Regional Park. It was the best weather for it! In 3 weeks, we’re flying to Denver for a 3 day backpacking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park. Man, I like being outdoors!

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Labor Day Story

Well, We made it the entire weekend without breaking down or killing each other. Friday evening we packed up the Westy and headed up to Bodega Bay, where we arrived at 1:15am and setup camp overlooking the ocean.

We woke at the crack of dawn, as that particular parking area seems to be where the locals go surfing at daylight. We slowly meandered our way up CA-1 to Ft. Bragg, stopping along the way to nap at a beach for hours.

Saturday night’s stay was in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, just north of where CA-1 and US-101 meet up. We didn’t arrive until after dark, so no pictures.
Sunday night we got really lucky (at Erin’s persistence to Not stay at the KOA!) and found a great spot (#15) at Patrick’s Point S.P. north of Arcata

After a great breakfast of fresh blackberry pancakes, we packed up Monday morning and headed south for work. Stopping in Leggett to drive (attempt) through the redwood tree seemed like a good touristy thing to do. The VW might have made it if the tires were more deflated.

It was a great relaxing weekend all-in-all! And Yup, that is a giant husky head hat 🙂

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Labor Day Weekend

I’ll work more on this blog post after work, but for now you can see pictures from my weekend trip with Erin, Oscar, Anna and our Westy at:
We drove 756 miles in 3.5 days, and made it as far north as Patrick’s Point S.P., about 20 miles north of Arcata, CA. The VW ran amazingly smooth, and was nearly perfectly setup for camping. We camped at Bodega Bay, Humboldt Redwoods S.P., and Patrick’s Point S.P. Thankfully Erin convinced me to leave the KOA in Eureka that we had made reservations at. What a dump! Fortunately, there was a cancellation at Patrick’s Point, and we got the only open space(#15, if anyone wants to camp in a great spot!). Sunday morning we picked blackberries and had yummy pancakes. Anyone up for this trip next labor day, the more the merrier!

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