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Western Maryland Rail Trail Cache

Here’s an image from our hike along the Western Maryland Rail Trail. There was a big brown sign along I-68 for the trail, so I decided to stop and take the pups for a walk. I called Richard and got coordinates for a geocache located ~ 0.7 miles up the trail, and had no problem finding it. Thanks for the help Richard!

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Goodnow Mountain Geocache

Well, this morning I started up early and drove to the Goodnow Mountain trailhead. It is in the Adirondak Mountains, in the Huntington Wildlife Forest. The land is owned and managed by the State University of NY (SUNY). The hike was about 2 miles each way, and the dogs did a great job with it. Anna stayed on the leash since she can’t be trusted in such an open environment, but Oscar walked on his own and kept a good pace. It was 20 degF at the bottom, and very cold and windy at the top. I actually could not open the cache because it was frozen into its little cave. The view and hike were worth more than the treasure.

You can see the actual geocaching post at:

I’m planning to create some html pages for my geocache links. Stay tuned for a new link in the sidebar.

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Where’s Waldo?

Who knows? But here’s where Bryan spent the night!

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Visit with Oma und Opa

Well, today was my last full day in Maine. Mom drove out to my cabin with me, and we swapped out charge controllers on my solar-electric system. I plan to use the fancier one in my bus, since that is where I spend most of my time lately. We got there, built a fire in the cookstove, and then walked up the hill to Oma und Opa’s new house. It was very cold and rainy. Gramma babysat the pups while we returned to the cozy cabin to perform the swap. When we were finished, we rounded up the pups and the pie Oma made for me, and drove back to Augusta. Tomorrow morning I’ll get everything ready and head for Upstate New York.

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Map of my Travels in the US

Well, this is a fun map that I found while browsing Fiddleheadz. I will try to keep it updated as I continue my travels. Maybe someday soon it will be worthwhile for me to try the World Map! I can only hope that I will get to do some world travelling.

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Fayette Land Waypoints

Well, today for fun I drove Mom’s truck out to my Fayette land and got waypoints for my corner markers. I used my new Garmin GPSmap 60cs, which is more accurate than my older Garmin eTrex. The map was created on a free version of TopoGraphics, so it’s not of the highest quality. Hopefully Richard can help me create a higher quality image with his GIS software. I’m hoping to use the waypoints to get a rough estimate of acreage.

I couldn’t wait this year, and we all agreed to open presents early (Dec 23rd!). One of my present from Mutti was a complete Geocache kit. It is a Rubbermaid container with a notepad and a slew of “Maine” theme items (it’s in the house, and I can’t remember them all specifically). My plan is to hide this cache in the Adirondak Mtns in New York on my way through there next week. So far, I’ve never hidden a cache. I have located caches in Florida and Maine. You can check it out at My screen ID is cash_to_cache. Mutti’s ID is mamm_cache_elliot (I think).

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It’s cold in Maine!!!!!

Oscar and Anna along the way

Well, we arrived this afternoon around 2:30, and actually got the Blue Bird to fit in mom’s small driveway. I actually measured first since it didn’t look like it would fit. I’ll get some pics tomorrow. I was busy washing laundry and myself all afternoon after I arrived. It is around 15 degF right now, and my little propane heater does not seem like it will keep up. I’m heading to Home Depot tonight to pick up a second one, and get the pups some bones for doing so well on the long trip. We’ll probably stay until the 26th, and then be on our way south again, via West Virginia.

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In the Chesapeake

Well, no new pictures today. I didn’t think of taking the camera out while travelling. I stayed last night at the South Carolina welcome center, and tonight I am staying at a rest area on the north side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel, on the Eastern Shore. Tomorrow I’ll try to take some pics to post. The pups are happy to be travelling with me for a change, and we’re staying nice and warm at night with the new propane heater.

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Oscar Swims!!!

Oscar swimming in the Florida Keys
Here’s a test of pictures on my blog. I actually switched to the WordPress blog from bblog because the picture plugin was too flakey. Hope this one looks ok. Continue reading »

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