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Alaganik Slough

This is an old picture from Alaska this summer. It’s the Alaganik Slough (slew) at sunset. It’s my current desktop background.
Alaganik Slough near Cordova, AK

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This is where I live

Our house in Danville, CA
Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park
And, I’m quite happy here so far!

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Northern CA Coast


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Firewood in Sante Fe

Well, so far the trip has gone without any real trouble. I made it to Charlie’s cabin in Franklin, NC on Tuesday night, and left Wednesday afternoon. The truck had been acting up the whole trip, and wouldn’t run well enough to make the climb up his mountain. He towed me to a parking space, and Wednesday we found that the distributor cap and rotor were corroded beyond salvage, and the wires and plugs were pretty much junk too. Luckily I got out of that break down for $55.

Leaving there, I took I-40 to Sante Fe, NM, where I’ve been visiting my friend Jess and her roomates. Today we got a rental truck from Lowe’s, and headed to the Sante Fe National Forest to cut several truck loads of wood for the winter.
Lowe's truck loaded with firewood

Carrying logs

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