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Trip to Maine

Erin and I visited Maine last week and had a wonderful time. Our first night in Maine was spent with Jen, Jason, Avery and Paige in Hampdem. We enjoyed good pizza, good wine, good whoopie pies and good company. Avery had fun making Valentine’s cards with Erin and we both had fun playing with Miss Paige.
Bryan & Paige
Saturday Mom, Erin and I drove up to Bethel for lunch at the Millbrook Tavern (Bethel Inn), where the bartender from our wedding reception served us lunch.
Bryan & Paige
After lunch we drove up to Screw Auger Falls and Old Speck Trail for some afternoon snowshoeing fun.
Bryan & Paige
Most of our trip was spent driving around to visit various friends and family. The weather was cold but clear and really made for a perfect trip. Our little cabin is still there, although the spiders, ants, mice and squirrels are getting more use of it than we are.

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