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USS Pampanito

I’ve done a lot of walking around San Francisco this trip. This morning I stumbled up to the marina district, and took a tour of a WWII diesel submarine. It was self guided, and there were no other’s on it during my self-guided tour. Pretty neat to have all that time to check it out. Most of the cool stuff is protected behind lexan covers.
U.S.S. Pampanito

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Piano Acres

The pups and I walked down to Piano Acres this afternoon for exercise and to snap some photos. Piano Acres is a defunct hippy commune up the road from my cabin. Since all the old newspapers I found around the property are dated 1985, I assume this is the approximate time that the hippy folks departed. The land is now owned by a fellow from CT, and it’s falling into ruin slowly. I’ve been going out there for about 10 years now for walks. The main cabin was built using slip forms, which Helen & Scott Nearing talked about in The Good Life. I made a slideshow of the afternoon photos, which you can see by clicking on the picture below. Enjoy!

A cabin at Piano Acres Hippy Commune In Fayette, ME

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Goin to San Francicso

Well, I finally landed a job. I’ll be heading out to San Francisco around the 24th of this month in my new truck camper.
Sun Lite Eagle on a 95 Chevy 1/2 ton long bed
You can see that this is a popup style camper, designed to be light and more aerodynamic than standard slide-ins. It has that cheasy, camper feel to it, but it will work out well for what I need. There is a 3-burner stove, sink, refrigerator, toilet, and plenty of storage spaces.
Rear view of 8' Sun Lite Eagle camper on 95 Chevy truck
My new job is “Senior Air Quality Instrument Specialist” for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD). I’m anxious to do some more travelling, and the area surrounding San Fran looks inviting to the weekend camper/hiker.

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Finally closed in my cabin

Here it is. I finally, after 10 years, have all the siding and trim on my cabin, and it’s stained! This is an amazing feat for me. Something finished. It has made a big difference not having a job to go to.
South view of the cabin

East view of the cabin

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Once you go black…

you can never go back… I think that old saying must be about painting your shed. Hmm. It would definately be hard to cover this color!
A black shed

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