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New fire pit!

Living in the middle of civilization, we can’t really have our fires in a stone ring. Today I welded up this fire ring. The sides are 1/8″ x 8″ plate, and the bottom is 3/16″ plate. I made the legs from 2″ OD pipe with 3″ pipe caps welded upside down on the bottom. There are a couple of air/drain holes I punched in the bottom with my plasma cutter. The next project is a grilling grate made from rebar.


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2011 Summer Garden

We’ve been slowly working at getting our garden ready for the summer, but today we went full force and put our seeds in the ground.
Bibeau Garden 2011
We purchased 2 tomato and 2 pepper starters, but everything else we are going to sow in the ground. It is definitely a late start, but we’re hopeful there will be a decent yield this year.
Oscar was a big help!
Oscar in his downward dog position
He’s feeling really good and enjoyed a hike and lots of outdoor time today.
Oscar on the ground

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Brewing Beer!

Today we decided to start brewing beer again. I had brewed a lot in college, but my stuff has been sitting in my Maine cabin ever since. Last week when we were there for my mom’s graduation, we brought back everything we could check on the plane. We bought the stuff I was missing at the local brewer supply.
Brew Equipment
The first batch is an IPA, using a recipe the brew supply recommended. I’m already planning to build my own equipment so I can brew from all grains, rather than using the malt syrup.
Grains ready to brew
Grains in a sack
The master brewer at work!

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Congratulation to my mom who now has a B.A. In Environmental Science from the University of Maine at Farmington! Really glad we were able to attend.

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