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January 3, 1958

Temp 6:00 +7° Clear & Cold
Temp 4:30 +12° Nice Winter Day
Temp 10:00 +4°
Put clutch in TD9 – Disc
put in wrong had to do it twice.
Played scrabble with Irene & Tom in Eve
My Birthday 43 yrs old got one
card from Cox & Janet. The old
folks gave me a carton of Camels.

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January 2, 1958

+28° at 5:30, worked on new lift truck
Welded diff, trans & clutch in Tnt.
Loader. Temp at 4:00 P.M. +19° Cold
and Light wind from West mostly
sunny all day. Didn’t do nawthing
This eve, cox was over & talked
Temp 10:00 +14°

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January 1, 1958

Just home from New Years party at Legion Hall,
Had a real good time. Temp at 2:00 A.M.
+34° raining. Tommy all ready to
set beaver traps, not to enthused over
the rain. Still raining & temp +38° at
11:30 A.M., some snow with rain earlier.
+39° – 3:30 P.M., no rain after 1:30. Watched
football on T.V. most all afternoon
+36° at 9:00 P.M. hasn’t cleared yet.

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