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Alternative Buddistick Vertical

I started my HF career with a Buddistck kit, and learned to tune it pretty well with the factory options. It was my primary SOTA antenna until I switched to a 24′ carbon crappie pole and EFHW for lighter weight and faster deployment. I’ve been looking for a way to use the Buddistick as a camping and travel antenna. My goal was to keep the component lengths to 13″ for suitcase packing.
I decided to add an 8′ Buddipole shock cord mast so that I don’t need to rely on a place to mount the clamp. I also upgraded to a Versatee and the rotating arm kit RAK so that I could deploy the antenna without a wire radial.

Tonight I tested the setup on 20m and was able to contact K4Y with 10w from my Elecraft KX3, first try!

The whole kit weighs a few pounds and takes up very little space when packed.


I made my own guying kit from MSR aluminum tent stakes and paraline. I am planning to print a 3D guy ring so that
I can still rotate in horizontal mode.


Soon I will add a couple more 13″ arm sections to make tuning easier.

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