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Well, here’s what’s happening today. I talked to the folks in Cordova, and they definately need me to come up to Alaska for a month to set up the instruments and to train people to run them. I purchased a ticket with Alaskan Airlines today that will take me from Seattle, WA to Cordova, AK on the 28th of April. From there I’ll work through the month of May, and fly to Palau to meet up with the boat. Hopefully I’ll have my replacement camera by the time I get to AK, and I can start posting some of my pics again.

We were all born with winning tickets — and cashing them in is a simple matter of altering our cadence as we walk through the world. – Rolf Potts

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  1. Muttie April 21, 2006 at 4:29 am #

    Sounds like your plans are developing all the time, this works out in many ways… Good head on your shoulders 🙂

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