Cebu City

Last night Laura and I took a taxi to Cebu City to get a break from the boat repairs, and to see some of the area. It was so nice to stay at an air conditioned hotel, and quite reasonable at 1000pisos ($20 USD).

Today we had breakfast at a little cafe, and walked to one of the many internet cafe’s in the area to email. I have taken many photos so far, but I forget to bring a cable to upload them from my camera. Next time. The weather here is hot and humid, but so far we have had no rain. That season is supposedly in the late fall, so hopefully I will miss it. Right now I’m not exactly sure where this journey will take me. Everyone knows that my plans are subject to a change at any moment! But, in this high-tech world, it should be easy to let everyone know where I’m at.

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  1. Muttie June 6, 2006 at 9:16 pm #

    I just keep a computer handy so I’ll know your where-a-bouts 🙂 This age of technology is pretty cool…

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