Live Life while you can Live Life

-> Don’t always live vicariously through others
-> Don’t put all your pennies away for “the day”
-> Don’t be the guy who says “when I retire I’m going to ….”
-> Don’t be the guy who looks back on his life and says “I wish I woulda”

Hey, you might get lucky. Things might be exactly as you planned them. Or, ?

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  1. Muttie February 25, 2007 at 7:55 am #

    I think the trick is to live each day to the fullest… appreciate the people in your life for who & what they are… to have long term goals to keep you on track… to have short term goals to encourage the journey… Saving pennies for a rainy day is a good idea, but not if you’re standing out in the cold rain today, knowing there’s money for an umbrella now.

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