Motorcycle riding

I went for my first real ride of the season yesterday. Not too many people had Lincoln’s Birthday off, so the back roads were wide open. It still amazes me that only 10 miles from this over-populated area, there are still single lane roads that go absolutely nowhere. I road around the back side of Mt. Diablo on Marsh Creek Road to Livermore, then back to Clayton along Morgan Territory Road. That road is so bad you can hardly get out of second gear. But, it’s a great road for my KLR. I found a break in a fence where some construction was going on and zipped through it. There aren’t too many places around here that you can ride completely off-road, so I welcomed the find. I can’t imagine there will be too many long road trips this summer with all the planning going on, but I’m still hoping to get in my ride down to Mexico sometime.

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