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We’ve spent the last few weekends trying to beautify our yard. Since we’re renting, our goal has been to get everything we can into pots so that we can take it with us.
Our first project was to cover up the dirt around the redwood tree in the back yard. During the day the dogs would spend the majority of their time rolling in the dirt to cool off. The bark keeps them a little cleaner.

In celebration of Earth Day 2008, we decided to finally start composting our waste; something we’ve been talking about forever. I got on craigslist and found this great starter compost bin for FREE! How’s that for a deal!

Our back fence is pretty ugly. It’s in poor repair, and there is nothing growing along it. Erin really want to see something different, so we picked up this inexpensive trellis, a pot and a bougainvillea plant.

The bed in front of the house had roses planted when we moved in but they were overgrown and ugly. I cut them way back in January and added some fertilizer, and now we have a continuous supply of beautiful roses to add to our vases in the house.

Here’s another bed in the front corner of our house that we have landscaped:

and the dianthus flowers that I planted around the tree out front:

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