Peter Grubb Hut

Last weekend I drove by myself up to Donner Pass along I-80 in the Sierras. I parked the VW and put on my (overloaded) 57 pound pack. I didn’t know the weight until I returned home, but I did decide never to haul that much crap on my back again in the name of fun! I was planning to back-country camp, but I met a couple along the trail that invited me back to the Peter Grubb Hut which they had reserved for the night. So, instead of sleeping by myself in a tent in the snow, I enjoyed a warm fire and a couple games of scrabble, along with peppermint schnapps of course!
Peter Grubb Hut -- January 17, 2009
After my night in the mountains I came home and let my calves recover. It was a fun trip that I’ll do again with Erin soon.

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