Road Trip Day 18

Well, it’s been 18 days so far since we left California, and so far the road trip has been great fun! We’ve been through 14 states in those 18 days. Some of them have been dead sprints, while others we’ve meandered through. Colorado and Utah were awesome, and we could spend much more time there. We have mostly been staying in cheap hotels, since camping in November kinda sucks. It’s dark by 5pm, and it’s cold! We did camp in a couple of really great places, and we plan to camp in the Keys. We had a chance to stop in Santa Fe, NM to see Jess, Franklin, N.C. to see Charlie and Linda, Raleigh, N.C. to see Ani, Pedro, Courtney, Greg, Addison, Braden and Peyton. We’ll spend the next week in Florida before heading to Beaufort, S.C. to have Turkey with the in-laws.
Bryan & Erin camping at Natchez S.P. in Tennessee
More photos can be seen at: my Facebook page!

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