First Blog from the Blue Bird of Happiness tour 2011!

Well, it’s 3:30 in the morning and I am just finishing my first shift at the wheel. Things went really well getting the bus ready today. We got the propane water heater and 3-burner stove plumbed up and working, finished the captains chair mounts, installed a 3rd bed, ….. Around 8:30 in the evening we finally left Chris’s house and made it to I-95 when we realized one of our rear tires had blown out. We called all the tire places around since we did not have a spare on board. Only 1 of 3 places that offer emergency truck service would even talk to us since we are private and not part of a national maintenance plan. The guy that would deal with us wanted $125 per hour just for the service, from the time he left his house until the time he got back to his house! We decided to start removing the wheel while we waited on him to save some time and money, and give us something to do. Once we got the wheel off, we decided to take the tire off too. When that was done, the guy called and said he didn’t have a tire in stock to fit our bus. Oh well, we put the empty rim on the inside of the axle, bolted everything back together, and were off! 1 tire less but still ok. Once it is daylight and a reasonable hour, I’ll start searching craigslist in areas we’ll be going through and find a used tire or 2. Chris is now at the helm. Check out our live map on the bus trip page, it has been updating since we left except for a period with possible poor signal.

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