Homemade shock cord whip Part 1

I decided to try making my own shock corded whips for my Buddipole system. There are a couple of good reasons to do this. So far I’ve purchased all parts at 13″ or less to keep the Buddipole good for travel. The Buddipole whips look nice, but they’re 22″ long and are expensive.
For about $50 shipped from quest outfitters in Florida, I purchased (18) 13″ Easton 0.340″ tent poles. My plan is to machine brass adapters for a tight slip fit between sections, and a 3/8-24 brass adapter for the versatee. All parts will be held together with 1/8″ shockcord. This will give me a set that can be used as a dipole, or as a vertical with my RAK. More updates once I start turning metal!



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  1. JOHN March 5, 2014 at 4:39 pm #

    great idea as i had a similar thought but with plastic segments as i doubt the aluminum segments had connectivity. Did you get to Part 2 yet?

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