Finally the ocean!

After ~150 miles of I-5 North the other day, through northern CA and southern OR, I had enough. In Green, OR I detoured on 42 across Coo’s Canyon, all the way to Coo’s Bay, and stayed the night at the Umpqua Lighthouse S.P. Yesterday I had a leisurely drive along US101, and camped out at Beverly Beach S.P., just north of Newport. Today I’ll try to make it up near Manzanita. The west coast is a wonderful place, very similar to the NorthEast. This would make a great destination for someone needing a weekend getaway. You can rent a really nice Yurt in these S.P.s for 29$/night, and you could schedule to hit one each night. So, what are you waiting for!!

Somewhere along the Oregon coast

Happy dogs!!!

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  1. Muttie April 12, 2006 at 5:23 pm #

    Oh, the photo of the pups running on the beach brought out a spontaneous hm-ahhh, a sighing sort of smile with a little bit of a happy sound 🙂 A nice image to see at the end of a hectic work day… Glad all is well…

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