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Well, we’ve done so many things in the past few weeks and we’ve been so busy I haven’t taken the time to update my blog. We’ve camped, partied, made an offer on a house, helped friends move, taken a photography class……..

Yesterday Erin and I rearrange our house to make it more functional to the two of us. We had purchased a queen-sized bed for our spare room when we moved in. In 6 months the room has hardly been used. We decided to toss the bed and make ourselves each an office/personal room. I get the wood-Tahoe room and Erin gets the larger room. Hopefully the extra space will give us both room to work on our personal projects. Mine include getting more familiar with my DSLR camera, designing websites for Erin’s photography business and Joe’s Design business, practicing my banjo and working with my micro-processors.

We put an offer on a house around the corner from us. The house is about to enter foreclosure, and there were lots of bids so we aren’t sure where we stand. We decided on an amount that we’re comfortable with and decided the rest was up to fate. I’ll post when we receive word one way or the other.

Since I’m at work I don’t have access to any of the numerous photographs I’ve snapped over the past few weeks. I’ll try hard this evening to get in some more updates!

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