An unknown flower from our front yard

About two months ago these flowers started growing out of the bark mulch I had put down in front of the house. I thought they were weeds and began pulling them. Then, I thought that maybe they were seasonal flowers coming back, since there were so many of them and they were all over the beds. Now they have become 3′ high beautiful flower bushes all over our front yard!

After taking our 3 week digital-SLR photography course I am finding it even more fun to use my camera. Here I set my focal length to 35mm, which is equivalent to 50mm on a film camera. This focal length gives a 1:1 representation of the image being photographed. Using a fast aperture setting of f4.0 throws the background out of focus but gives good detail on the object of focus. I took the picture in RAW mode and then processed using Bibble Labs software and the PerfectlyClear plug-in.
Unknown Pink Flower

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