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I stumbled across this article while surfing the web yesterday. It’s one of those inspiring articles that makes you want to start taking action immediately. A few good points that I’ve taken away from the article:

1. If you never spend more than 99% of your income, you’ll always have more money than you know what to do with
2. If you always spend 101% of your income, you’ll go further and further into debt.

This seems obvious, but by presenting this as a difference of only 1%, you realize how important it is. Anything greater than 1% saved is fantastic, anything less than 0% saved is horrible.

What else will I do? I’m going to quit coffee. I’ve said this many times, and have actually given it up for several weeks at a time. But, I always find the social aspect of coffee brings me back. Plus, I really like have a coffee cup in my hand while I’m driving to work. I think there’s a solution here: Don’t drive to work! That’s a ways down the road. For now I’m going to try really hard to get off the caffeine train.

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